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> Radio link Point-to-Point/ Multipoint.

AirLink offers a wireless communications access in Telecommunications, used to connect remote sites while freeing themselves from cables. Able to operate in bands of 2.3 to 6 GHz SDH in point to point for a direct link, or point to multipoint for serve multiple users within the perimeter of the transmission.

> Network Security Solution.

A solution of Unified Threat Management provides comprehensive protection for enterprises through multiple security features integrated into a single platform.

> Solution "Bandwidth Manager".

Management solution for bandwidth based on user identity Cyberoam allows optimal use of bandwidth and provides a control bandwidth congestion cons.

> Solution for wireless networks SOHO(Small Office Home Office).

Complete solution, easy to install your network, you have an ADSL modem, a Wireless Access Point, an Ethernet switch and a firewall ... A Web configuration interface and installation wizards make setup and use simple.

> Internet solutions: Hosting.

Ideal solution for rapid implementation of your site, this hosting package is competitive and supports the languages and the most common applications: PHP, Perl, JSP, Servlets, CGI, FrontPage, MySQL databases, protocol ... SSL is ideal for professionals who wish to publish their image and brand on the Internet.
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