Network Security Solution
Firewall & VPN Securing
The VPN solution of AirLink offers a secure, encrypted connection to the corporate network to be available to all mobile workers regardless of location.
The firewall / VPN Cyberoam is, for subsidiaries, teleworkers and mobile users, the ideal solution for secure remote access. It is interoperable and compatible with most VPN gateways available on the market, and operates in transport mode or tunnel. It supports IPSec, L2TP and PPTP, and can establish VPN Road Warrior, Net-to-Net or Host-to-Host.
The Firewalls Cyberoam CR15i CR25i....CR50i are powerful network security appliances that offer complete protection against blended threats such as malicious attacks, viruses, spam, phishing and pharming. Safety unique identity-based government protects users, remote offices and subsidiaries against internal threats that lead to the theft or loss of data.
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