Siting and Design of Radio Telecommunication Equipment : Fixed Radio Access (or Fixed Wireless Access)

Fixed Radio Access (FRA) systems use radio to connect the antennas on a users building and a telecommunications network. FRA provides a fixed telephone service that offers users fast Internet access by radio links instead of a conventional telephone line. It can deliver very high data rates and has the potential to transport a complete range of electronic traffic including telephony, high-speed data, television and multimedia services.

AirLink offers a wireless communications access in Telecommunications, used to connect remote sites while freeing themselves from cables. Able to operate in bands of 2.3 to 6 GHz SDH in point to point for a direct link, or point to multipoint for serve multiple users within the perimeter of the transmission. Offers efficiency and flexibility to connect sites together or sites to the transmission system.

AirLink solutions pack legacy TDM and Ethernet services over the 2.3 - 2.7 GHz and 4.9 - 6 GHz spectrum bands, and comply with worldwide standards and regulations including FCC and ETSI.

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