Management solution for bandwidth based on user identity Cyberoam allows optimal use of bandwidth and provides a control bandwidth congestion cons.
It prevents such misuse and the saturation of the latter.
Companies can book or expand the bandwidth for certain applications, so that the less important applications from disturbing the performance of the network, therefore providing a total control of it. Associated with load sharing and backup multilink at the gateway level, management of bandwidth Cyberoam offers a complete solution for sustaining the activities of the business optimally.

  •          Bandwidth management based on identity.
  •          Bandwidth allocation based on priorities.
  •          Reservation and extending the bandwidth.
  •          Bandwidth allocation on the basis of a predetermined access time.
Bandwitdh Manager Solution
Solution "Bandwidth Manager"
Internet browsing and downloading improper by internal users interfere very often business-critical applications because of inadequate due to insufficient bandwidth.
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